The modern trend of luxurious brand watches

Few top Swiss brands of watches have a timeless reputation all around the world. They don’t have gained that fame in a short time. But for a long term effort, extra ordinary craftsmanship, design, and quality have brought them this fame. You will find all of the renowned personalities, celebrities, politicians, and others wear watches of renowned Swiss brand for their quality and extra ordinary style. In this article, I am going to discuss some Relojes creados en suiza which are quite popular all around the world.

1)    Omega

Even though Omega watches are both more revolutionary (while Rolex watches are ‘evolutionary’) and accurate, the brand name, resale value and customer service of Rolex make it an equal contender to Omega- if not in sales, then at least in the hearts of consumers. The contest between Omega v Rolex for the title of king of the Swiss watch brands will keep going for some time yet.

Its movement is a self-winding Omega 2500 caliber. This is one of the better movements on the market, but not the very best. It keeps time well and has a good reputation for accuracy. The only downside is that it is not a bespoke movement. It is made by ETA, which is a mass-producer of watch movements that is owned by Swatch (which also owns Omega). The newest versions now feature a home-built movement (more on that later)

In more recent years the Omega has also gained fame as being the watch worn by James Bond (or 007). In 1995 Bond dumped his Rolex for an Omega Seamaster Ocean with a blue dial. The Omega Planet Ocean is a great watch. It is well made, had a solid-feeling case, an attractive dial and a reputation for reliable timekeeping.

2)    Rolex

Rolex has also determinedly associated itself with adventure and sports and major personalities such as Reinhold Messner, a famous mountaineer who became a prominent brand ambassador for Rolex by saying he never climbs without his Rolex Oysterquartz.

3)    Commander

Most of the Commander styles come with very tough rubber watch straps that are secured with buckle clasps. They’re water resistant and can withstand water up to 330 feet or 100 meters. They’re the perfect watch for a day at the golf course or any other sporty event. If you’re looking for an understated watch that still has an edge of sophistication, then this will be the perfect watch for you.

Not only do these high-quality Swiss army watches feature some of the most modern technological developments in watch design; they are also very handsome and prestigious in appearance. These watches are a part of the largest collection of its kind and set the trends that other watches try to imitate to portray a comparison to these ever-evolving masterpiece watches.


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